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David Begley is an Irish artist and writer. He has presented his animations, drawings, paintings and monotype prints nationally and internationally since 1996. He is currently filming The Keepers, a documentary, as part of his Ancient Connections artist residency in Ferns, Co. Wexford.

He works in schools through visual art, animation, heritage, gardening, and creative writing.

His solo exhibition Small Finds runs in St. David's Cathedral Refectory Pembrokeshire, Wales until March 29 2023. 

Visit David's shop to purchase available monotypes, drawings, paintings and prints.

Videos below:

1 David discusses his drawings and animations
2 Small finds, a journey into ink
David's ink making process)

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Small finds a journey into ink
Written, directed, edited and piano by David Begley
Filmed by David Begley and Hanneke van Ryswyk
4:30 minutes

© David Begley 2023

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