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Morrison's, Ferns

'The keepers' 12 minute documentary ©  David Begley 2023

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The Keepers (12 mins)
The keepers is a short film by David Begley which highlights the importance of teaching children where food comes from and how to grow it. Through doing this they learn patience, how to care for plants, the joy of harvesting food they have grown themselves – and even use this as inspiration for art.
In a time of climate change, growing food is such an important part of children's education a
nd growth to be inclusive in a more eco friendly and carbon neutral environment. 
The keepers features contributions from horticulturist and sculptor, Imogen Stafford, art historian, curator and regenerative farmer, Karla Sanchez O'Connell as well as the staff of St Edan's National School, Ferns, County Wexford.

The keepers has been selected for the following film festivals:
Achill Island International Film Festival 2024
EKOFilm 2023, Brno, Czech Republic
2023 Sustainable Stories Film Festival, Texas, U.S.
Inheritance The Environmental Festival, Belfast, Brighton, UK
Louth International Film Festival 2023, Táin Arts Centre, Louth
Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center, Wisconsin, US
(Winner Best documentary short)

Greek Documentary Festival, Chalkida, Greece

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The keepers still 5 © David Begley 2023.png
The keepers still 3 © David Begley 2023.png

Stills from 'The keepers' ©  David Begley 2023

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