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Morrison's, Ferns

1.Imogen garden.png

Imogen Stafford, horticulturist and sculptor, still from 'The keepers' ©  David Begley 2023

The Keepers (12 mins)

David Begley's documentary about the importance of gardening combined with visual art for children. The keepers features contributions from horticulturist and sculptor, Imogen Stafford, art historian, curator and regenerative farmer, Karla Sanchez O'Connell as well as the staff of St Edan's National School, Ferns, County Wexford. This film is part of David's Ancient Connections artist residency in Ferns, County Wexford 2020 - 2023. 


The keepers is exhibited in Sift at Wexford County Council from April 17 - May 19 2023. If you wish to view a private preview of this film write to David at



Clip from 'The keepers' featuring Karla Sanchez O'Connell
©  David Begley 2023

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